Biaxial y PVC-U

Our PVC-O and PVC-U pipe and accessories system are the practical and efficient solution for the conduction of drinking water. In addition, they have adequate drainage buried under pressure.

The wide portfolio of pipes that PAVCO WAVIN puts at your disposal, have been designed to improve, not only our environment; but also, the experience of our clients and users through safe, practical and highly reliable installations.

BIAXIAL (PVC-O) obtains greater hydraulic capacity than other conventional products, since for the same nominal diameter it obtains a greater effective area to conduct the fluid. In addition, it’s extremely smooth internal surface reduces pressure loss to a minimum and allows it to carry larger loads than a conventional PVC-U pipe.

Due to their lightness and flexibility, the BIAXIAL (PVC-O) and PVC-U piping systems become more manageable than conventional pipes, thus reducing the requirement of operations and machinery for their assembly and installation and, in turn, achieving higher work yields.

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